October Unprocessed Starts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the first day of October Unprocessed, a food challenge run by Andrew Wilder over at Eating Rules. The basic gist of it is that you take a pledge to eat unprocessed food for the whole month of October. I did it last year and was perfect for the first two weeks, but then crashed and burned the last two weeks. This year my goal is to complete the whole month!

In order to set myself up for success, I need to be realistic. I love cooking and eat pretty well in general, but sometimes the real life of a grad student takes over and fast/convenient food happens. So my general goal is to move myself toward the more unprocessed diet, rather than go 100%. To do so, I’ve set up times when I do not have to be unprocessed.

*Monday lunches: I’m on campus from 9:30 – 5:30 and go out to lunch with a friend. I know he won’t eat unprocessed, so I’m allowing myself to not eat unprocessed. Of course I will still try to pick better options.

*Dinner/dessert 1x a week: There’s not a specific reason for this, except that I want to be able to go out with friends.

*Northwestern’s homecoming (undergrad) and Illinois’ homecoming (grad school): Unprocessed tailgating just will not happen.

I’m hoping that by giving myself these times off, I will not feel too restricted and be able to enjoy time with my friends (and family!) and will have better success the rest of the time.

Throughout the month I’m going to post meals/recipes as well as trials and challenges that I face.