Day 2 – Butternut Squash Soup

Day 2 was great! I ate oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast, rice and chicken for lunch, and butternut squash soup for dinner.

I am kind of a stranger to butternut squash. Usually I eat acorn squash (roasted and filled with quinoa is a great way to enjoy it!) so the whole peeling of the butternut squash was a little clumsy. But, I just used my regular veggie peeler and it worked ok. I had to go over it twice to get all the rind off, though.


I used a recipe from How Sweet It Is. This is one of my favorite food blogs. But be careful, most of the stuff posts is not unprocessed. In fact, she has a pretty unhealthy, but amazing, affair with bacon. Who can fault her for that?


I realize most blogs post pictures, but I’m just not that great at taking them. I have crappy lighting and only an iphone camera. But if something really amazing comes along, I’ll be sure to snap a pic, even if it’s bad!


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